Virgin Wheat is a Forgotten Superfood


High Protein Nutritious Grain


Virgin wheat really is the forgotten superfood. Superfoods are a small sect of foods that are considered significantly more nutrient dense than others of its kind. Adding these types of food into your diet regularly is the cornerstone of good health.


Having good health has become a key focus in the media, as people try and ward off diseases that are becoming increasingly common like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. The ‘nutrition transition’ refers to the shift in dietary intake trends from more whole foods to the heavily processed, high fat, high sugar foods we see on the market today.

These types of foods are to blame for global diabetes and obesity epidemic, and can only be reversed by changing our diets to a more natural, unprocessed way of eating.


Einkorn is nature’s original grain, the eldest of the ancient grains and is arguably the superfood among its group. But has been forgotten by mainstream media until recently. It is now making its comeback and we want to make it a staple in every American’s diet.


Wheat consumption is at an all-time high and is responsible for the main portion of our caloric intake, globally. Wheat has been hybridized and heavily refined and processed, which alters its nutrient profile. This has contributed to the increase in gluten sensitivities, which is prompting people to cut it out of their diet entirely or to suffer the consequences.


High wheat consumption has been linked to inflammation, weight gain, gut complaints and more, so finding a healthier alternative to substitute in for your favorite wheat products will benefit you and your family’s health.

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Our einkorn is organic, so is not sprayed with the 100+ pesticides and herbicides common in typical wheat production. Pesticide consumption is linked to a number of illnesses and diseases. This also means that there is a lower percentage of nutrient loss during processing, so you know that you are getting nature’s very best.


Einkorn is also higher in protein and fiber, lower in starch and due to its different chromosomal makeup (7 versus 42 in regular wheat), has a lower gluten content so is safe for most people with gluten sensitivity.


Alongside this, it is high in essential dietary and trace minerals. It contains a high dose of B vitamins and thiamin, which are nutrients that most Americans are deficient in. It contains a number of key antioxidant carotenoids including lutein, which helps to fight free radicals and pathogen growth.


Einkorn has a higher oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) than other types of wheat or grains, this quantifies the total antioxidant capacity and potency. It has a similar ORAC to the most popular superfoods, putting it at the top of the list for grains and wheat.


Compared to popular superfoods, einkorn is reasonably priced and easy to substitute in baking and main meals as a carbohydrate source. If you want to improve your health, you need to be eating Virgin Wheat.



From Farm to Table

Organic and Produced in the USA

After discovering the extensive benefits of einkorn and the issues associated with common wheat, we realized that we need to make others equally as aware and einkorn more accessible. We do this because we care about your health. This is why we ensure that we are selling the highest quality einkorn on the market. We work directly with farmers who share the same beliefs about providing good quality food to all. Unlike with the production of common wheat, we want to keep the harvesting of our Virgin Wheat as natural as possible and with as little environmental impact as possible.

This is why our farmers are organic and based right here in the US. Our wheat is grown on a small USDA certified organic family farm in Idaho and distributed around the US. Rather than outsourcing our wheat like is typically done in mass production, we want to limit our carbon footprint.

Common wheat generates 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide per one tonne of wheat produced. The highest emissions come from exporting the production overseas, which is why we have chosen to partner with a US farm. The second highest emissions come from the production and transportation of fertilizer and pesticides, but the einkorn grains’ hull makes Virgin Wheat resistant to pests, so it’s easy to grow organically.

Our vision is to make Virgin Wheat a staple in all homes. It is increasing in popularity and flooding into mainstream media, as more and more people are suffering from gluten intolerances so are looking for alternatives.

Though Virgin Wheat contains gluten, individuals with intolerances are finding it easy to digest, due to its lesser gluten content than convention wheat. It is also very flavorsome, nutrient dense and easy to substitute in baking. It can be used in cooking like any other grain but offers significantly more vitamins and minerals and fewer chemicals.

Our goal is to make Virgin Wheat a staple in every American’s diet, which is why we have priced it in line with organic brown rice (usually cheaper than quinoa), to make sure it’s an easy adjustment for you and your family. Ultimately, it is our mission to spread Virgin Wheat from farm to table so everyone can enjoy good health.