How to use Virgin Wheat in cooking


Einkorn, the ancient grain, is coming back after years of being forgotten. It has been brought back into the forefront of conversation as the new superfood. Not only does it have a plethora of health benefits, but it also tastes amazing. So if you want to learn how to integrate this superfood into your diet, keep reading!


If you’ve never eaten or cooked einkorn before, it is comparable to quinoa or farro. You can substitute it in for the carbohydrate source in your meals. The ancient grain einkorn is a versatile baking ingredient, that can be substituted for regular wheat to improve the nutritional profile of the meal or to make it have less gluten.


The gluten in einkorn lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people struggle to digest. For this reason, if you are sensitive to regular wheat, einkorn is a great alternative. Einkorn contains gluten, so if you are celiac you should avoid eating it. For folks who are sensitive to gluten are likely to find einkorn fine to eat.


Virgin Wheat is available in the form of berries, whole wheat einkorn flour and whole wheat einkorn pasta. Virgin wheat flour can be used in place of regular flour with some small adjustments that will ensure your food turns out as it would with regular flour.

Here are some tips for cooking with einkorn:


Virgin Wheat can usually be substituted cup for cup with regular flour, but sometimes, the amount of liquid in the recipe should be reduced by around one third. This is because einkorn absorbs liquids much slower than regular wheat. So if your mixture looks a little watery, try and add a little more flour and note to add less liquid next time.


As einkorn has a different gluten structure than regular wheat, it is advised when making bread with einkorn flour to not excessively knead the dough. This is because there is less gluten to develop and so over kneading can dry the mixture out.

When it comes to bread, you also want to make sure you add enough baking powder because einkorn needs an extra boost to rise.