Health hack: the most simple and effective food switch you can make


Your health is defined by what you put in your body on a daily basis. If you constantly eat processed junk food, you’re probably not going to have optimal health. You may be struggling with your weight, feeling constantly tired or suffering with gastrointestinal issues that are causing bloating, skin problems or constipation.


What if I told you that I had the answer to your queries?


Food switches. Simple food switches can take your health up a few notches, without adding time or money, or compromising on flavor or ease.


Switch number 1 – Virgin Wheat flour rather than white flour


Virgin Wheat flour uses the grain einkorn rather than regular refined wheat grains. It is non-processed, non-hybridized, non-GMO and has a low glycemic load, meaning it won’t spike your blood sugar level.


Why it’s effective – regular wheat spikes your blood sugar and provides little to none nutrients or fiber meaning it won’t satiate you, so you end up eating more of it. This leaves you on a blood sugar rollercoaster as well as feeling bloated, full and lethargic.


Switch number 2 – Water instead of soda


Soda is so calorically dense and can be easily consumed in excess. This is because of its high sugar content which is very addictive, and its low physical density means it doesn’t take up room in your stomach so you will never feel full from the calories consumed.


It spikes your blood sugar and insulin levels, which has been linked to weight gain, mood fluctuations and an increased appetite.


Why it’s effective – water will hydrate you better. Proper hydration improves your skin, promotes mental clarity and makes you able to differentiate between hunger vs dehydration, meaning you may end up eating less.


Switch number 3 – Virgin Wheat berries instead of cereal


Rather than eating cereal for breakfast, reach for the Virgin Wheat berries (not actually berries, they’re a type of grain), and make some porridge. Cereal is very high in sugar, which will not set you up for a long day. You are likely to be hungry very soon after consuming it, because it doesn’t provide the complex, slow release carbohydrates, fat or protein that properly satiate you.


Why it’s effective – Virgin Wheat berries are made up of einkorn grains, which is high in protein and is a rich source of complex carbohydrates. Mix with milk or water and heat on a stove top or in the microwave until it has absorbed some of the liquid, it will be a similar consistency to oatmeal. Top with some healthy fats like peanut butter, and you’re all set for the day.