Why should you use Virgin Wheat pasta rather than regular pasta


Pasta is one of the easiest meals you can make for you and your family that you can make under 10 minutes. But how healthy is it really? Well, that depends on what type of pasta you use.


What’s the deal with regular pasta?


I hate to break it to you but regular white pasta, isn’t the best for you. Refined grains, such as refined wheat flour that is found in regular pasta, have been stripped of the fiber, vitamins and minerals compared to in its natural form.

Due to the lack of fiber, it has a high glycemic load. This means that it is easily broken down by digestive enzymes into glucose, which is the sugar your body uses for energy, which is released into your bloodstream causing your insulin and blood sugar levels to rapidly increase.

The glycemic index is a scale used to show the effect of eating a certain food on your insulin and blood sugar. The higher the glycemic load, the more effect it has. Eating lots of foods with a high glycemic index is linked to overeating and obesity.

But luckily, not all grains are equal.


Virgin wheat uses einkorn, nature’s original grain. Einkorn has not been hybridized or genetically modified, it is in its natural form. This mean it still has its bran, germ and endosperm, the parts usually removed in regular refined wheat.


Compared to regular wheat, it contains significantly more nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. It contains more fiber and protein to make you feel more satiated per calorie. Einkorn has a completely different gluten structure to regular wheat and doesn’t contain the same enzyme that so many people find hard to digest, meaning people with gluten intolerances usually don’t have a problem eating it.


Why you should switch to Virgin Wheat pasta


You are eating nature’s very own pasta. It has not been heavily processed or mass produced, it comes from a family run farm in Idaho that grows it organically with love and care. The pasta tastes amazing yet still provides more nutrients gram for gram that regular pasta.


It’s cost is aligned with organic brown rice, usually cheaper than quinoa. So switching from regular pasta is not going to financially burden your grocery shop.


Providing yourself and your family with a home cooked meal can sometimes be very time consuming, which is why pasta is a great option. But it’s not always the healthiest. Switch to Virgin Wheat pasta today and enjoy the benefits.